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Written By: Scott - Dec• 26•16

2012 Christmas- Apple cubed notepad

Christmas has always provided me an opportunity to add to my collection, and this year was no different. Granted, each of us buys our own presents so this is probably why. 🙂

This year I will be adding to my collection here at MyFavoriteApple several totally random Apples. Some are continuing certain subcollections, while others are newer products I’ll use every day.

Let’s start with the older collectibles. You know I have a thing about New in the box (NIB) still factory sealed vintage Apples. This year I grabbed a brand new still sealed 1986 AppleMouse IIc. I particularly wanted this to go with my NIB factory sealed Apple IIc machine, monitor and stand. It just fit really well. Obviously, I’ll not open it either.

I also love the “Test drive a Mac” campaign from 1984 and all items related to it. I found a new still sealed Key Fob that says, “I’d rather be driving a Macintosh.”  It’s brass and super cool. I have several other items in this mini-collection. I had to pay a fair price for it, but I justified it because it was a Christmas present and not an out and out collection purchase. My rationale is Christmas gives me to chance to get Apples I might not buy otherwise.

I also found a 56-page jewel to add to my The Apple Collection catalog collection. It’s dated 1993. I’ll scan it up into my catalog collection here too. It’s really cool to see all the merch Apple offered and all of which make up the collectibles of today. I love to see all their Apple logo’d merchandise, plus the catalogs help provide me a gauge of date ranges when the items were made and offered for sale. I do have to admit I missed out on one from 1983 though. I thought I had proxy bid high enough but was wrong. I now know that catalog exists so I’ll get one one day.

Additionally, I grabbed a mint and brand new Apple IIc owners manual. Just cause.

You know I love the Apple Portable so grabbed the DVD remake of the original instruction video too.

And to wrap up my additions to my collection is the super cool first gen Apple webcam. I’ll post on it separately also, but this webcam kit was released in 1997  way before what we now know as the external iSight camera. This baby is also NIB.

AND THEN I got me a couple of new Apples that will go into my collection one day, but for now they going into everyday use.

First, I got the fantastic iPad Pro- not actually a Christmas present, but a gift from my company. I love it. Ever since I bought the new iPhone 7 Plus, I found my use of my iPad 3 gen was starting to decrease, so I got a Pro. I’ll post on this one separately also.


Last but not least, I got the super cool 1st gen Apple AirPods. They sound great, better than any other earbuds I’ve ever owned. More to come on these babies later.


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