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New Collector Series- The one that got away

Written By: Scott - Nov• 22•11

The one that got away

I use My Favorite Apple to record journal entries relating to Apple machine and memorabilia collecting, most of which I own. When I acquire a new item for my collection, I take a few pics and some notes, and then enter that info here. Well, today I’m starting a new journal entry series called “The one that got away.”

This series will focus on collectibles that I hunted down, or ran across, but that got away- for what ever reason… maybe the seller changed his mind and wouldn’t sell it, it was already sold or I got out bid.

I’ll feature Apple/Mac collectibles that are unique, uber rare and/super cool. This way at least we know the collectible exists so we can be on the lookout.

First up in the series- the Transparent Macintosh SE, so stay tuned. In fact, since this machine is so cool, I’ve made it the icon of this series.


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