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One Big Holiday and My Apple iDevices

Written By: Scott - Jan• 25•14

IMG_1552I love the fact the Apple is still rolling out new products. If you frequent MyFavoriteApple you know my Apple collection is made up of their products from the 1980s and 90s. And yet, the other exciting aspect is they didn’t go out of business years ago, but are continuing to invent new ones.

While you don’t see much here on their newer and more current computers and iDevices, I don’t think you’ll be surprised I use these Apple products everyday and to be without them would drive me crazy.

Here’s where this is heading- to Riviera Maya, Mexico. Yeap, at the crack of dawn tomorrow, my Bride and I are heading out for a  music-filled week with our favorite band, My Morning Jacket, down at the Hard Rock Resort there.


While I don’t frequently travel out of the US, this 4 night concert was a once and a lifetime event. No, we are not quite groupies, but we do actively follow our favorite music guys from Louisville, Kentucky.

I’ve heard and read nightmare stories of exorbitant data charges incurred by unsuspecting folks who continue to use their devices like they normally do when they home, so last week I headed straight to the local AT&T store. They hooked me up with voice, text and data plans so I can continue to use my iPhone 5 like I typically do. I also got a data plan so I can stay connected online for my iPad 4. And while I could have simply used the resort’s WiFi, I researched and learned it can be spotty, and I want a connection when I want connection…know what I mean?

The thought of being offline and unconnected for an entire week gave me the sweats. And while I don’t know if my need to be connected is normal, I kinda think it is more normal than not, I find myself constantly looking at and using my mobile communications devices Apple thankfully invented. Even though I’ll be at MMJ’s concerts four nights straight and up until the wee hours in the morn, I gotta have my phone and iPad handy. I take tons of pictures and listen to my music library all the time, so I’m ecstatic I will be online and fully operational using the wonderful inventions Apple knew I’d want.


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