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One More Thing- Apple’s Watch

Written By: Scott - Sep• 15•14

Last Tuesday I too tuned in for Apple’s Special Event. It reeked nostalgia from the get-go for me because of its venue- the Flint Apple WatchCenter there in Cupertino. MacHeads all know this location. It’s the place in 1984 where Steve introduced Macintosh to the world. Then upon his return to Apple after being ousted, he once again went back to Flint for the unveiling of the Bondi Blue iMac in 1998. Well, this time Apple booked the site for the rollout of the Apple Watch, their first wearable computer.

All the pre-event rumbles caused me to figure it was going to happen at this event…you know Apple guards its secrets pretty darn well. In fact, they’ve learned to announce products not yet in official production so specs and pics can’t leak out, and that’s exactly what they did when they announced the Watch. It won’t be available until “some time early next year” type time frame.

I love Apple innovating and don’t care they aren’t the first in a space. They weren’t with the portable computer, the MP3 player or the tablet type device either. And you know some are going to bomb. Look at the Newton (actually, it was just before its time). But did they stop innovating handheld computers after that? Heck no, we have the iPhone don’t we? So, I’m totally cool with the Apple Watch and it will get better with each new generation. Sure folks are saying, “What the heck would I wear that for?” But you know what? Apple loves to make new products folks don’t know they need yet.

But even better than all the announcements made that day, I must tell you the point in Tim Cook’s part of the show that got to me most of all.

It was right here-

One More Thing

I immediately missed Steve, but was so glad Apple brought him back, even if it was for just for one more thing…

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