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Open letter to Tim Cook and Apple’s Management Team

Written By: Scott - Jan• 24•13

Stay the course

The hell with Wall Street and all the Talking Heads. Resist the temptation to succumb to managing our great company to appease them. We’ve clearly seen you will be their darling one minute and the next minute, they’ll kick you to the curb.

Apple’s foundation is building insanely great products. Don’t get distracted by all the noise on The Street or the extreme bashing by the analysts and media.

Apple’s goal isn’t to make money. Our goal is to design and develop and bring to market good products. We trust as a consequence of that, people will like them.  Steve Jobs

Stay true to what makes Apple great- insanely great products people will love. Plus, I’d rather be a pirate than in the navy.

Scott King

Written on my iPad 2

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  1. Gene McCall says:

    I have used Macs for many years. I have found them to be useful, superior products. However, recent OSX performance has indicated a serious decline in the ability of Apple to deliver quality software. The upgrade to the Yosemite system resulted resulted in my spending much time watching a rolling color wheel. Therefore, I upgraded to El Capitan, hoping for better performance. Horrors, the performance became much worse. Now, I seem to spend more time watching the spinning wheel than I do in effective use of my imac. The core is a GHz computer, It could calculate the national debt in detail faster than OSX brings up Safari. What has happened to Apple?

    • Scott says:

      Gene- practically speaking, why are the challenges you are experiencing happening? I don’t know. I hear your frustration though. I upgraded to Capitan and experienced slowness too, then discovered I allocated too much memory to run Parallels and not enough to run the mac side of the machine, so I dumped Parallels. Now mine is fine on a few year old MBP.
      From a business perspective-the competitive pressures to continue to roll out soft and hardware has got to be tremendous. It’s possible, things are simply going too fast to give proper testing and triple checking compatibles. I know expectations are very high on management to innovate and prove they can carry on without Steve too.
      Not trying to make excuses, as I already said, I don’t know, but can only imagine being in Tim’s seat has gotta be difficult- but that’s what he’s paid the big bucks for, so I know he will agree the buck stops with him.

      • Gene McCall says:

        The problem seems pretty random. It happened 3 times while I was typing the reply you read. Sometimes the characters I type after the ball starts rolling appear after it stops, sometimes not. How do I find the memory allocation?
        All-in-all, it tends to break my concentration. It did not happen before Yosemite.

      • Gene McCall says:

        If Tim Cook uses a Mac, he must have seen this. The solution is pretty simple. Call in the head of OSX development. Say, “this is a problem, fix it”. If it is not fixed, choose another head of OSX development. That is the Steve Jobs approach, and it works. I have used it in running tech programs, and it is very effective. My guess is that some inefficient features were added to OSX along the way, and improving, or removing, them would fix the problem.

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