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I ordered my iPad 2 yesterday

Written By: Scott - Mar• 14•11

I don’t collect new. No, I like old. I call my collection an assemblage of vintage devices, so I can’t figure out what I did yesterday.

I ordered the iPad 2.

Aphrodite would play second fiddle to Apple today

Heck yea, the hype was just too much for me to handle. You know the stronger, faster, able to leap a building in a single bounce type hype. I totally caved.

My iPad (1) works fine- and it is still basically new. Got my new 2011 Air and my MacBook Pro, not to mention my iPhone 4, so what am I going to be able to do with the 2 I can’t already do with all the other devices? And Apple knows the weak-willed craving we have for their latest cool machine- and that’s OK, because I’m all for them rolling out a steady stream of new machines, but I was thinking of not getting the 2 right off.

But the stronger, faster got me.

Here’s the deal- I ordered the Black 3G 64GB with the black smart cover and Apple Care. I had Apple engrave it too with a dedication to MyFavoriteApple. More to come once it gets here around the middle of next month.

Photo Credit: Aphrodite-; iPad 2- Apple, Inc.

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