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Pinterest- a treasure trove of Apple stuff

Written By: Scott - Jan• 02•14

One of the reasons I started myfavoriteapple was to have a place to archive my notes, research and findings, pictures and videos of items in my Apple collection. The web is too “big” to find everything, if you could, and while search engines help me find stuff related to Apple, I wanted this information more centralized. Plus, there are many Apple enthusiasts, so I hope myfavoriteapple helps these fellow collectors and fans too.

I love to research and find Apple gems to bring back here, and yet, I continue to get channeled to another “site” and it is a cornucopia of current and vintage Apple resources. And while some folks view this site as a place for recipes and hair styles, don’t be fooled. In fact, this attitude is akin to saying Facebook is for teens. While FB may have originally been used by teens, for the most part, they have left the building and the older gens have taken over. A shift in who uses and how they use it has also been going on over at Pinterest for some time now.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.36.42 AMAside from Pinterest being fun, folks are loading and linking to valuable information we can benefit from. If you aren’t a pinner yet, you may not be aware all this “information” is cataloged photographically, but unlike Flickr, Pinterest provides for links back to the website the info originally came from. For example, yesterday I finished reading the new book, Keep it Simple, the history behind Apple’s early product design. Once I finished, I went to Amazon and pinned the book from Safari to my Apple Library board. When folks read the pin they can click on it and through to Amazon to order it.

Keep it Simple

And as I find Apple factoids and pictures I simply repin them to my Apple boards.  So, for me, Pinterest serves as a supplemental archive and visual library to myfavoriteapple. On top of that, as I find interesting and helpful info out on the Web, I pin this to one of my boards with just a click, thus benefiting me and others.

My Pinterest

Come follow my Apple boards. Also, if you really want to see how deep and wide all the Apple pins and boards are throughout the entire Pinterest site, then do a few quick searches. I like “Apple Computer” or “Macintosh,” but also use “Apple Products” “Apple History” and another favorite- “Steve Jobs”.

You can search for individual pins or other’s boards. And once you find boards with themes you like, click to follow that board. Then all pins in that specific board will show up on your “wall” for you to see each time you log in, without forcing you to have to “go” over to their board to see what’s new.

I realize many of you already enjoy using Pinterest, but if it is new to you, then check it out- you’ll find a treasure trove of Apple stuff there.

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