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RetroMacCast Show Interview- Macs & Knives

Written By: Scott - Jan• 11•11

A common bond exists among Mac collectors, and while the demographics vary greatly, we are a brotherhood. Many of today’s “newer” Mac collectors, who don’t know a single line of code much less how to look under the hood of our Macs, are as much a part of the Mac collector community as those are who can change out the motherboard of their favorite machine with ease.

I was invited to be a guest on RetroMacCast- a podcast series where old Macs live again. This show is long running series for Mac geeks who love the older machines. The time was like sitting among close friends passionately talking about why we love Macs and collecting. I had a blast. We skyped the call this past Saturday and the show is now live. These guys were particularly interested in my factory sealed box containing the 25 year old brand new Apple IIc 🙂

RetroMacCast Episode 188- Macs & Knives.

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