My Favorite Apple

The iPad Pro- Apple’s first tablet to use a stylus, or is it?

Apple finally went against Steve’s demand by making a stylus for one of their tablets. Yes, the iPad Pro is a break from Steve’s insistence that the finger is the best input device, and even over the mouse- Yikes! Steve didn’t like mechanical pointing devices for inputting commands. Steve killed the Apple Newton (Personal Digital Assitant) after […]

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Apple’s iPad Pro it’s not- the Apple Graphics Tablet

In 1979 Apple Computer employed 250 people and they worked in only four buildings there in Cupertino. And looking back now with Apple employing over 110,000 employees and building a new 28 million square foot building, I think we can say that year was smack dab in the middle of Apple’s very early days. The Apple II, released in 1977, was selling […]

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