My Favorite Apple

The Macintosh Team’s Pirate Flag

Steve loved to stir up feelings of anti, be it anti-establishment, anti-corporate or just anti-norm. We see it all through early Apple history and even in Apple’s early ad campaigns too. It was his way to motivate. One of my favorite anti-positions is his encouragement to the Macintosh team to be pirates. Andy Hetzfeld, one of the […]

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The Most Personal Computer & Apple Cubed Notepads

Apple’s history of using taglines boasting “The Personal Computer” and “The Most Personal Computer” goes back to the very early 1980s and I’m having difficultly knowing for certain exactly which it used first. Most factoids about Apple are discoverable, which is one of the reasons I enjoy collecting all things Apple.  The firm’s records are well documented. Additionally, many […]

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Apple’s Tiffany Collection Catalog 1983

Found this jewel of a catalog for my collection. It’s a 1983 catalog of Tiffany & Co. products inscribed with the Apple logo. Tiffany is a world-renowned firm that creates unparalleled jewelry, crystal, silver and leather products. Apple’s Tiffany Collection. Two originals making history together. Share on Facebook

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