My Favorite Apple

New additions to my collection and Apples for everyday use

Christmas has always provided me an opportunity to add to my collection, and this year was no different. Granted, each of us buys our own presents so this is probably why. 🙂 This year I will be adding to my collection here at MyFavoriteApple several totally random Apples. Some are continuing certain subcollections, while others are newer […]

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Not just another Apple Watch

I’m thoroughly enjoying my new Apple Watch, but this “other” Apple Watch isn’t really an “Apple” watch; it isn’t smart and it isn’t a microcomputer or extension of my iPhone either. Nope, this one is special though and has a favored place in my collection. We’ve talked about collectible Apple watches of old, those made during the late […]

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The Apple Collection Catalog 1986

Apple Computer Company back in the early 1980s starting offering a complete product line of Apple branded stuff. And for me, the original Apple Collection Catalogs are as much a part of my Apple/Mac collection as the machines and products. I like to see all the different Apple branded products made. It helps me ID […]

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