My Favorite Apple

New additions to my collection and Apples for everyday use

Christmas has always provided me an opportunity to add to my collection, and this year was no different. Granted, each of us buys our own presents so this is probably why. 🙂 This year I will be adding to my collection here at MyFavoriteApple several totally random Apples. Some are continuing certain subcollections, while others are newer […]

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Apple QuickTake Camera Snapshot

Did you know Apple was into digital cameras way before the iPhone? Yes, our favorite computer company ventured into helping us capture memories over 20 years ago. They produced a series of Apple QuickTake cameras beginning in 1994. Apple produced one of the first digital cameras targeting consumers with the QuickTake line. The first model, the […]

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Captain Steve

I realize not all Apple fans follow their earning report calls- I get that. Apple is firing on all cylinders and Steve would be proud. And while you know I have a nostaligic leaning when it comes to Apple, last week when Apple announced their smashing earnings I couldn’t help but be reminded of a darker time for […]

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