My Favorite Apple

Apple’s 1999 Y2K Super Bowl Commercial

Do you remember the Y2K scare? I do. Planes falling out of the sky, security systems failing, money in bank accounts vanishing, stock market crashing- crazy apocalyptic things happening the second the calendar clicked over to 01.01.2000. Businesses rushed to spend tons of money on computer programming all in an effort to save the world-all this brought about by computers. […]

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Apple’s iBook G3

As Apple collectors we all know the revolutionary and yummy iMac G3, but did you know it has a little brother? Yep, in 1999 and only a year after the introduction of the iMac, the iBook G3 was unveiled to the world. At the time the iBook was the most anticipated Apple announcement yet. Informally known […]

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It’s a bird, plane- No, it’s Apple’s UFO

Apple’s sense of humor is depicted in their 1999 Watch the Skies advertisement for their AirPort Base Station

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