My Favorite Apple

The iPad Pro- Apple’s first tablet to use a stylus, or is it?

Apple finally went against Steve’s demand by making a stylus for one of their tablets. Yes, the iPad Pro is a break from Steve’s insistence that the finger is the best input device, and even over the mouse- Yikes! Steve didn’t like mechanical pointing devices for inputting commands. Steve killed the Apple Newton (Personal Digital Assitant) after […]

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The pure joy of an Apple Christmas

When you realize how far Apple has come it’s real easy to get excited about their new laptops, especially when you compare their first portables, and their size, to today’s. #throwback #Christmas2010   Merry Apple Christmas to You and Yours! …funny thing is my middle daughter went off to college shortly after I got this […]

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Original iPad Retires to the Apple Computer Museum

My Mac Museum is a place for vintage Apple computers and memorabilia, but not everything dates back to the late 70s or early 80s though. No, I have added their products well into the 90s and even the first iPods from 2000 and 2001. I don’t usually add my everyday machines when I upgrade, not officially anyway. […]

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