My Favorite Apple

I bit the Apple

Call me a sucker for all things Apple, but I just couldn’t stand it any longer. We’ve talked about Apple watches here before– the vintage ones, that is, and yet, even though I haven’t worn a watch in 35 years, I bit the Apple and got one. Why, after 35 years of not knowing what […]

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Apple Time Capsule

An Apple Time Capsule Opening Imagine opening time capsule boxes filled with rare Apple goodies, many of which date back to their early Lisa/Macintosh days, and having no clue at the time what’s inside. Well, that’s exactly what I experienced and it was a trip. The story is this- a gentleman named Bert contacted me about his Apple […]

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One More Thing- Apple’s Watch

Last Tuesday I too tuned in for Apple’s Special Event. It reeked nostalgia from the get-go for me because of its venue- the Flint Center there in Cupertino. MacHeads all know this location. It’s the place in 1984 where Steve introduced Macintosh to the world. Then upon his return to Apple after being ousted, he once again went back to Flint for the unveiling […]

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