My Favorite Apple

Apples and Auctions- a dangerous combination

Recently, an auctioneer friend of mine tagged me in a FaceBook post about an Apple collectible that was in a large auction he was conducting. It was an Apple External 5.25 Drive. I was familiar with the drive and have one in my collection. The thing that piqued my interest though was the drive is new […]

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Steve Jobs Collection Auction

Collectors of all things Apple hunt for the rare and especially one of a kind representations of the early Apple days. Harder to find still are any items used or owned by Steve. Last week a friend and fellow auctioneer who sells all types of celebrity goodies sent me a text informing me he was auctioneering […]

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Apple Credit Card

I hate to lose, and I rarely do, but today I did- twice. I was active in the bidding but just didn’t see the value a few other bidders did. Here’s the description- “When the Macintosh was introduced in 1984, its price of $1995 (later increased to $2495 due to demand) made it a major […]

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