My Favorite Apple

Steve Jobs 1985 Playboy Interview

Clearly, Steve Jobs had a flair for the dramatic. He enjoyed trying to describe the future technology and its application for us. And while he is a bit vague in a few answers in this 1985 Playboy interview, it is still very impressive how his vision is spot on regardless of whether it is as a […]

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Mac Collector Ken Wesson

Today’s featured Mac Collector is Ken Wesson. Ken has a fantastic collection of vintage Apple machines and was featured on an episode of the ABC COLLECTORS Show. COLLECTORS showcases an extraordinary procession of people and the things they collect. Ken commented on his interview on Australia’s “The show was on the 80s – so I […]

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RetroMacCast Show Interview- Macs & Knives

A common bond exists among Mac collectors, and while the demographics vary greatly, we are a brotherhood. Many of today’s “newer” Mac collectors, who don’t know a single line of code much less how to look under the hood of our Macs, are as much a part of the Mac collector community as those are […]

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