My Favorite Apple

Apple Time Capsule

An Apple Time Capsule Opening Imagine opening time capsule boxes filled with rare Apple goodies, many of which date back to their early Lisa/Macintosh days, and having no clue at the time what’s inside. Well, that’s exactly what I experienced and it was a trip. The story is this- a gentleman named Bert contacted me about his Apple […]

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Mac Collectors- Hunters & Gatherers

Mac collectors are extremely passionate folks. We see it. We want it. We grab it. Hunters and Gatherers we are- purely driven by our “needs.” But before we impulsively grab that new trophy to add to our collection, we ought to take pause for  a moment to consider a few things. First, let’s be careful […]

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I’m falling in love with Lisa

There’s a lady who has caught my eye and I think I’m falling in love. I can’t for the life of me get her out of my mind Her sirens song is the strongest I’ve felt yet. And while I don’t think I’ll crash upon the rocks or have to be tied down, I do have […]

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