My Favorite Apple

The Most Personal Computer & Apple Cubed Notepads

Apple’s history of using taglines boasting “The Personal Computer” and “The Most Personal Computer” goes back to the very early 1980s and I’m having difficultly knowing for certain exactly which it used first. Most factoids about Apple are discoverable, which is one of the reasons I enjoy collecting all things Apple.  The firm’s records are well documented. Additionally, many […]

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Apple Macintosh Cube Notepad

Cute. I know it’s not a word usually associated with Apple branded products, but that’s exactly the best word to describe today’s featured Apple collectible.  I only became aware of this particular Apple a couple of years ago. I don’t remember where I saw it the first time, but I immediately decided I was going […]

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My Apple Mini

Got me an Apple Mini today for Christmas. Instead of what you might think of as an iPad Mini, this is a miniature Macintosh SE. The SE, you might remember, was introduced sometime around 1989/90. I love the miniature Apple machine notepads. Share on Facebook

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