My Favorite Apple

Clement Mok- Early Macintosh Who’s Who

One of the coolest parts of Apple’s history is the characters who played important roles back in the company’s early days. I love connecting the dots. Tying people, places and dates to items from the past. And this is where Clement Mok comes in. He joined Apple in Nov. 1982 as the art director for the […]

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The Dilemma of collecting Apple posters

I have a problem. Even though I was able to commandeer a room in my house for my Apple collection- I jokingly refer to as my Mac Museum- I don’t have the wall space I need for all my posters, banners, pictures and framed Apple things…and I know better than to ask my wife for […]

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Tiger Girl iPod Shuffle Poster

Got me a cool poster from a New York City subway lightbox called Tiger Girl. Printed in 6 vivid colors on Mylar especially for back lighting. She’s 25.7″ wide by 50″ tall and larger than life. It’s a 2007 2nd generation iPod Shuffle Promo advertisement. Company: TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB, USA, Los Angeles Executive Creative Director: […]

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