My Favorite Apple

Which way do I go with my Apple collection?

Just how do you decide which of all things Apple you want to collect? If you are like me there are dozens of different directions I can go at anytime. Do you simply want to buy what you like? What about products you first used when you got turned on to Apple in the beginning? […]

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The Apple Collection Catalog 1986

Apple Computer Company back in the early 1980s starting offering a complete product line of Apple branded stuff. And for me, the original Apple Collection Catalogs are as much a part of my Apple/Mac collection as the machines and products. I like to see all the different Apple branded products made. It helps me ID […]

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Shrine of Apple

I love the Web- transported one minute to view a Mac collector’s photo gallery in Japan, then whisked away to who knows where to another. I realize the “where” is irrelevant because I’m still sitting in front of my screen at home, but my mind went there nonetheless. Today, I want to archive a really […]

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