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The death of Steve Jobs and the BBC Special

Written By: Scott - Dec• 19•11

It’s been over two months since Steve Jobs died and the overwhelming deep sadness has eased. I have found, however, when I read or watch anything about his life the emotions come rushing back.

Only Apple fans understand this, but Steve Jobs was a part of my life. And while I’d never met him, I knew him and felt like he knew me…oddly enough. I’m a Mac fan. An Apple lover. Apple masterfully bonded with me on an emotional level and Steve personified Apple, so with his passing I lost a part of myself. It was ripped out, suddenly and unexpectedly. I know that’s odd- the suddenly and unexpectedly part- because we all knew he was sick, but rightfully so, Steve and his family kept his rapidly declining health private over those last few weeks, therefore, his death came as a shock. I cried for three days.

Since then I’ve intentionally not watched any tributes or TV specials about him. I just needed time, that’s all. I started his bio but really have been afraid some statement or opinion was going to inadvertently change my view of him and I didn’t want to have to deal with that conflict, so I’ve not tried to finish it.

I did purchase the PBS Steve Jobs Special- One last thing on DVD and will watch it soon, but for some reason, instead I started with the BBC Steve Jobs Special and must say, it is fantastic.

I won’t attempt to summarize its parts. I’ll only say if you are a Steve Jobs or Apple fan, this show is worth the hour. They honored him well and did a very good job telling his story. I’ll buy this on DVD as soon as it comes out too.

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