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The Dilemma of collecting Apple posters

Written By: Scott - Dec• 23•12

I have a problem. Even though I was able to commandeer a room in my house for my Apple collection- I  jokingly refer to as my Mac Museum- I don’t have the wall space I need for all my posters, banners, pictures and framed Apple things…and I know better than to ask my wife for wall space anywhere else in the house.

In my office down one wall is my built-in shelf- special made for my Macs with holes drilled in the individual shelves for power cords- and then there’s french doors leading to the den taking up the rest of the wall, so no space left there.

The other wall has three large windows, plus I’ve put up 4 Apple framed things already. Originally my intent was to custom frame the posters and pictures because I didn’t really want to just stick them up with pins or thumb tacks, but between the cost of the frame, mat and glass, I found myself spending too much to continue this approach in the little space I had left.IMG_9309

So, note to self- unless I am content leaving my posters, banners and pics in their tube- my suggestion is to have plenty of wall space…or build myself a website 🙂


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Think Different- My tribute to Steve
Apple IIc Dealer Poster
Apple Logo
Special edition Johnny Depp iPod Store Display
Wheels for the Mind Poster
1982 Apple Billion Sales Poster
Framed Mac Print
Original 1st Gen iPod Poster
Apple employee framed picture
iMac Poster
Yum Poster
Small Talk
1984- 2004 MacWorld iPod Poster
Macworld iMac Poster
Rare Tiger Girl iPod Shuffle Poster
Apple Rainbow Banner
Yum iMac Plastic Poster- two sided
The Insanely Great History of Apple Poster
Apple Andy Warhol
Original Macintosh Launch Dealer Banner
Mac Office Wall
Mac Office
Mac Office Wall
Rainbow Apple Logo Banner
Macintosh / GM Sunraycer Poster
GM Sunraycer Poster close-up
Apple's Lisa Poster
Apple's Hot Air Ballon
Rating: 5.00
Apple's Hot Air Ballon Close up
Norm Seeff Print of Steve & Mac
Seeff signed Steve Jobs print
Specimen Apple Stock Certificate
Rainbow Apple Banner.JPG
Andy Warhol 1985 Apple Macintosh Postcard
ABS Apple Andy Warhol Postcard Back
6x8 & 10x12 Apple decals

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  1. Ryan says:

    Wow you’ve got quite a collection. I must say I am jealous! Sad how I have an entire spare room and didnt think about doing something similar. When I get stuff to frame that is. I plan on scouting out thrift shops for their old magazines and books. Never know what can be found.

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks Ryan- once I got started it became an obsession. There are more I’d like to add to my collection, but they are hard to find affordably. I found mine on eBay, kootenaymac, redlightrunner and The Missing Bite.
    Good luck and let us know as you find your treasures 🙂

  3. David says:

    Are you willing to part with the iPod poster?

    • Scott says:

      Sorry David, but no. It’s one of my favorite 🙂 If you haven’t already set you a search notification for Apple Posters on eBay. I’m sure one will turn up there at some point.

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