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The general rule of collecting

Written By: Scott - Jan• 02•11

Advice to Self

The last few weeks I was able to add several machines and Apple devices to my collection. I also met some cool collectors and dealers. The people associated with this hobby are neat and helpful. And yet, tomorrow is back to the grindstone for the new year.

I do have several cool Macs I am tracking right now and work won’t interfere, but I’m practicing patience.

And as a general rule- I’m looking for the best “collectible” condition, fully accessorized Mac I can find.

While for some of the models I’m tracking are difficult to find in “New in the Box” condition, some are recent enough that finding basically new machines shouldn’t be too hard. So, unless I am closing in on an extremely rare machine (like a Lisa) where I need to move quickly and grab it, otherwise, I try to take a deep breath. I don’t necessarily wait for a less expensive Mac- if I’ve found a good one. The question becomes is there likely to be another one in better cosmetic condition, or a more complete set (full set of disks, keyboard, monitor, etc.) around the corner- that is the only question to me.  But like I said, if I’ve found the one, then I’ll jump in a heartbeat.

I’ve learned to try to buy the best I can (and not necessarily the less expensive), but since most collectible Macs are still affordable and relatively plentiful, then patience is the best practice the majority of the time.

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