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The iPad Pro- Apple’s first tablet to use a stylus, or is it?

Written By: Scott - Jan• 01•17

Apple finally went against Steve’s demand by making a stylus for one of their tablets. Yes, the iPad Pro is a break from Steve’s insistence that the finger is the best input device, and even over the mouse- Yikes! Steve didn’t like mechanical pointing devices for inputting commands.

Steve killed the Apple Newton (Personal Digital Assitant) after his return to Apple in 1997. The Newton had a stylus. Yes, you could point around and command the handheld device to do things. This ground-breaking PDA had a ton of potential and was the predecessor to the iPhone and the iPad, although I’d bet SJ probably never admitted it.

But, the Newton wasn’t a tablet anyway.

So, the iPad Pro now is the first actual Apple tablet to use a stylus as a primary input device, right? Well, hold on there cowboy. Not so fast…

You may be thinking, you hold on there, Scott. The original iPad didn’t, nor has any of its later gens, so you must be confusing the Newton or even the Apple eMate 300 with an iPad because Apple has never made a pencil-like device to interact or input commands into one of their tablets.


It took Apple almost 40 human years, and Steve’s death, to bring back the stylus as an input device for their tablets.

I know you are thinking I drank way too much eggnog over the holidays because we all know Apple only invented the original iPad tablet in 2010 and it did not have a stylus and the Pro (2015) is their first model to have one. Therefore, one plus one equals two, right? No, not really. I mean yes, the math is correct, but let’s not forget our Apple history.

Now I’ll cut you some slack if you are thinking I’m confusing things here because I realize 40 years is a long time. In fact, it’s like 200 years in technology years and yes, that is a long time.

We all know Steve always insisted the human finger was the preferred input device- over the keyboard or mouse…although today I bet he’d say it is the VOICE, but I digress.

Drum roll…

Reintroducing Apple’s first tablet and stylus.

The Apple Graphics Tablet

THIS is Apple’s first tablet. The year was 1979 and its input device was the only — the only — pencil-like stylus Steve ordained. And it is Apple’s first stylus for one of their tablets.



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