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The Macintosh Team’s Pirate Flag

Written By: Scott - Dec• 24•15

Steve loved to stir up feelings of anti, be it anti-establishment, anti-corporate or just anti-norm. We see it all through early Apple history and even in Apple’s early ad campaigns too. It was his way to motivate.

One of my favorite anti-positions is his encouragement to the team to be pirates. Andy Hetzfeld, one of the major characters in the early Apple days and significant Mac developer, records the day. The story behind it is one for the ages. Steve rallied the team by reminding them of the rebel spirit that once drove Apple.

It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy.” Steve Jobs 1983

And while his statement would probably be criticized in today’s politically correct environment, it’s the symbol of this spirit made by members of the Mac Team, that as a collector of all things Apple, I’d love to add to my museum.

It was a flag. A pirate flag. It flew over the Mac Team’s building for several years before it went missing.



susan kareWell, Susan Kare, the artist who created Macintosh’s cute little icons and the Mac Team member who painted the flag, is offering to make you one too.

To me, few things would be cooler than to have one of these flags handmade by the lady who was a major Mac Team member and who painted the original pirate flag. The only thing better would be Steve giving me one of his personal prototype iPhones.

susan kare pirate flagHell yeah, can’t you just see one hanging in my Mac Museum? I can. The only prob is her flag is a little out of my reach, dang it. I did get an autographed copy of her book though. Maybe she’d let me work it off 🙂

Check her site out.


Photo & Image credit: Steve and the Mac Team-; All others-Susan Kare:

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