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Written By: Scott - Jan• 23•11

Inherent with collecting all things Apple is an issue of space- no, not outer-space, but room space. You know the where to put everything challenge we all encounter.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned getting some walls converted into shelf space and tomorrow the workers are finally scheduled to start. I thought I’d snap a couple of pics tonight to show you I’m ready.

My office area is all prepped and ready. I’ve stacked all my Mac collection in the corners. I’ve also covered them to keep the dust off. The workers are going to have to redo some of our crown molding trim around the doors on both sides so they can slide the built-in’s into place and dust will be flying. They will also have to move and redo some outlets and light switches, so I expect the job to go three or four days.

I’ve cleaned off my desk, just in case. Moved my 30″ Cinema Display, MacBook Pro and both external hard drives to keep the dust from getting on them too, or worse them getting accidentally knocked off in the process.

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