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Written By: Scott - Jan• 25•11

I started My Favorite Apple for several reasons, including building an archive of valuable Apple resources as I discover them digging for collector nuggets.

Well, I made a major find- it is as comprehensive an Apple site as I’ve found, in fact.

VAW's Apple Fun

There’s Apple news, Macintosh history, software, machine specs and photo gallery. It also boasts having the largest collection of Apple ads and brochures on the Internet.

Under their About I found this summary-

Vectronic is a conglomeration of a group of Apple collectors and enthusiasts that promulgate this site. Vectronic spends considerable energy thinking about Apple Inc. and is constantly searching to acquire vintage Apple hardware, software, and historic documents in order to demonstrate them here for all to enjoy.

This says it all. I’ve added VAW under my Resource Links on the main nav. here.

Logo and Photo Credit: Vectronic’s Apple World

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