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Written By: Scott

Don’t you love living in the Internet Age? I do. At our finger tips are more Apple/Mac videos than we have time to watch. My plan is to link the better ones to My Favorite Apple’s Youtube Channel. My interests are vids of the machines and collectibles I own, Apple Computer history and other cool ones. Come check out our video library there.


  1. Katrine Noer says:

    Hey Scott! I was just wondering if you know how the Macintosh Portable was advertised and where the Macuser Magazine was sold when the magazine first came out?

    • Scott says:

      Hey Katherine. I have found a few ads for the portable but really couldn’t say where/how it was other than those. And on the MacUser Mag, I’d think it was subscriber based and available at magazine racks, like the grocery stores….since there weren’t any Barnes and Nobles back then….but, again, just guessing.

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