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Vintage Apple T-Shirts

Written By: Scott - Jan• 08•17

Did you know old Apple t-shirts are an Apple collector fan fav? They are, and I must confess I also love these old markers of Apple’s days gone by. You might be surprised to learn these babies have been collectibles for a long time and there are extensive collections out there.

In fact, there aren’t many Apple collectibles that have a hardback book printed for reference. Apple t-shirts do and the book catalogs the period in Apple’s history when each category of shirt was produced and what was going on in the company at the time.  Yes, t-shirts serve to remind us of Apple’s history and Apple employees obviously loved them too.

No, I didn’t work for Apple and none were given to me when they were hot off the press, but that’s cool with me because they still are significant anyway.

Yes, I have a collection of t-shirts too. Some represent significant events in Apple’s history and I have them simply as reminders. Others are more recent and I can personally relate to, like the employee shirts celebrating the introduction of the iPhone.

The older shirts tend to be for the hard-core collector, just because some of the events the shirts represent are extremely geeky, like shirts made by and for the employees of the engineering department. Others mark product introductions that many of us can better relate to.

Regardless of why a particular shirt or series of shirts resonates with you is really neither here nor there at this point, the fact of the matter is Apple t-shirts are very popular and highly collectible.

Back to the Apple T-Shirt Book- this sucker is over 200 pages and is mostly pictures. It is serious cataloging and one that, if you are into their shirts, you must get. It’s called Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple Computer by Gordon Thygeson. It features and describes over a 1000 in all and is rich in the company’s history, which is why I like it. It ties the shirts to what was going on at the time each was made.

If you like Apple history then this book provides a totally different perspective — almost an insider’s — compared with all the other books written about Apple. Most of the shirts were made for the employees who had a part of developing, designing or launching all things Apple and the significant and historical milestones they accomplished or Apple events.

Being a bit of a rebel myself, I particularly like some of the ones that are in your face.

While I have several historically significant tees that are in the book, I tend to grab what I like and some are more current productions, like a couple I bought from Mighty Tees made after Steve died.

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I also have one the author uses to kick off the book and it is all Steve, and I like that.

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