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Written By: Scott - Dec• 27•10

My Favorite Apple is my personal notebook for my resources, links and information I find helpful in my pursuit of collecting all things Apple.

I decided to make this site public to help Mac Fans save time in trying to run down all the different sites, links, resources, as well as creating a way to share tid bits I find useful, that may be helpful to you as well. In addition, I plan on featuring collections of other Mac Fans as I get to know them. I’ll also keep my collection information- photo gallery and descriptions housed here. My Favorite Apple’s Mac Video library will feature all the wonderful footage out there on the web for us to enjoy.

Prior to creating My Favorite Apple, I have tried to stay organized but between the tons of bookmarks (and on three different machines), emails, Apple history info, Mac machine info, I got overwhelmed. This is the primary reason for My Favorite Apple.

I’ll be gathering my resources and adding them, so check back often.

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  1. James says:

    Best of luck with your growing collection! I’ll be following along as you hunt down some treasures.

    • Scott says:

      Thanks James. I got my IIc, Macintosh 128k and a iMac G4 in today. I did a video opening this afternon, as such, for the Macintosh and iMac even though they weren’t new in the box- they were new to me and were in box. 🙂 The IIc, on the other hand, is staying in its factory sealed box- it looks brand new too. I’ll up load the video in a few days.

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